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Influencer Program

Signing Up

Please Note: We do NOT ask for your Social Security Number, You are NOT an employee of Color Crush Nails, This is NOT a Multi Level Marketing Company. We just need your Name, Email and PayPal info to pay you. The PayPal info goes directly into a third party securely encrypted database, we do not keep that information on file here.

•Click this link to sign up for our Influencer Program

•We prefer the term Influencer rather than Affiliate, because you do not work for Color Crush Nails, you are using your social media influence to show off your nails and refer customers to us, but the program works the same as many Affiliate programs, the details are outlined below.

•Make sure to join our Color Crush Influencer Only Facebook Group and our Color Crush Nails Official Chat Group on Facebook as well to keep up on our news. Also make sure to check your emails for emails from us, as we will send out news about promos and new releases.

Current Commission Structure

•Influencers Currently Earn 10% Commission (Payable in $3 Increments) as outlined below

•Currently Influencer Referred Customers will receive 10% off with the influencer link

Visual Aids for Signing Up, Logging In, and Posting Links






Rules, Program Details, Terms & Conditions, Please Read:

Color Crush Nails, LLC, DBA Color Crush Heaven is a family owned and operated business, not a Multi-Level Marketing Company. There are no minimums required, no sales required, no stock required. We simply are allowing you to post pre-approved images that we have in our database, or your own images of our products on your social media for your followers to see and learn about our products, along with a link and coupon code, and you get paid on the entire sale that was made, NOTHING MORE!  We Now have an Influencer Program, outlined below. Influencers are not employees of Color Crush Nails, LLC, DBA Color Crush Heaven. Customers who like our products are encouraged to sign up for our Influencer Program, as anyone can sign up. We use a third party to host your information, Color Crush Nails will not have access to your PayPal info, and all information is encrypted and secure. Please make sure to complete ALL fields, especially the email field, so that we can communicate with you when we increase and decrease our rate of commissions and change coupons and promotional terms, this is very important so that you are not erroneously giving out wrong information to customers/ followers.  Upon signing up for our program, Influencers will receive a unique referral link, which they can post on social media, and share with friends and family. You are able to change you link and your coupon code to something that you and your friends/ followers will easily be able to remember. We recommend that you post this in your Linktree if you have one, or along with each product post. When that link is used, the Influencer will receive commission for the sale that was generated using that link. Commissions will be 5%-10% based on the current commission structure at the time of the sale. The current commission structure is always available for viewing on the Color Crush Nails website, and is subject to change, based on sales volume, time of the year, and current promotions at the time. Any commission changes will be posted monthly on our website. Influencers will be paid directly to their PayPal accounts, or commissions may be redeemed in store credit. Commissions may be paid out in once you accumulate $1.00 in commissions or more. Referred customers must use the Influencer’s link to make a purchase from our site in order for the Influencer to be paid on the whole sale. We will not make retroactive payments, or payments based on “word of mouth referrals”. Referring is easy, simply re-post any approved Color Crush Nails images to your social media and post your link with the images, describing the item, and hyping up Color Crush Nails to your online followers and friends. When they click the link our computer system will automatically track that they used your link, and that sale will be credited to your referral account. You can also send a text or private message to your friends and family with your unique link. The customer who uses the link for purchase will also get a discount off of their purchase, we will announce the discount for the month at the beginning of each month if it has changed from the previous month. On the first of the month you will be paid out to your PayPal account or the payment may be redeemed in store credit for any sales you have made based on the monthly commission rate that we have set for that month prior, as long as you meet the minimum commission threshold of $1. If you have not met the minimum, the commission earned will accumulate until you do meet the minimum. If no method of payment is selected the default method of payment with be store discount coupon, which will be emailed to you. If no email is set up, commissions will be forfeited. By signing up for the program you agree that you will hold harmless Color Crush Nails, LLC DBA Color Crush Heaven if Payment for Commission is late, or made to the wrong PayPal Account. We use the information that you input into our system to pay you. If you input it wrong, payment will go to the wrong PayPal account. We also need your full name to verify that we are paying the correct account owner, failure to provide this, pay result in failure to be paid. Do not use fake names or monikers on your account, your real legal name as it appears on your PayPal account is required. Influencers are considered Independent Contractors, and required to do any income tax reporting on your own. Influencers will have access to see how much money you have earned monthly, quarterly, and annually for tax reporting purposes. All images are copyrighted property of Color Crush Nails, LLC DBA Color Crush Heaven. Only approved photographs may be shared, or your own images may be used. If an image from the Influencer program is posted your link must be posted with it. All images are copyrighted property of Color Crush Nails, LLC. Influencers MAY NOT take images off of the Color Crush Nails website to use on your social media without prior written consent of Color Crush Nails, LLC. The approved images can be found in the Influencer program site, and will be updated frequently. Color Crush Nails, LLC, DBA Color Crush Heaven is a trademarked name, and all images and designs are copyrighted. Influencers may NOT under any circumstances open a website under the Name Color Crush Nails or any form of it, or use the name Color Crush Nails, in any form as a social media user or account name. Color Crush Nails, DBA Color Crush Heaven is a trademarked company, using our name on any social media group or website will result in immediate banning from the program. As an Influencer, you may not give the impression that you are the owner(s)/ operator(s) of Color Crush Nails. Influencers are not employed by Color Crush Nails, LLC, you are am Independent Contractor. Make sure you have entered your information correctly, and update us with any changes, Color Crush Nails, LLC  is not responsible for wrong information resulting in lost commissions. Influencers may not sell or resell Color Crush Nails or sell nail polish the same type that Color Crush Nails sells, you agree not to compete with Color Crush Nails by selling nail polish strips by any other means than by simply referring customers to our site through your personal links. You agree not to compete with Color Crush Nails by selling the same product for a period of 2 years after you end your relationship as an Influencer. You may not use your own link to get paid on your own purchases. Influencers may not buy on other Influencer's link's either. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the Influencer Program and no commissions paid. Buying stock to resell is considered competing with Color Crush Nails, LLC and will result in immediate dismissal from the program and no commissions paid. Signing up for this program is voluntary. Any discrepancies must be brought up with Color Crush Nails, LLC via email at within 30 days of receipt of commissions. These terms are binding, between the Influencer and  Color Crush Nails, LLC, or any of its' owners, successors or assigns. You agree that any and all legal issues will be resolved in arbitration if they cannot be amicably resolved. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. For further details, click the link.

Additional Terms for PR Box Recipients:

Influencers who have signed up as part of our PR Box program are required to stay in the program for 6 months from receipt of the PR Box, so we can track success and pay you properly. In addition, all PR Boxes must be posted on all public social media channels within 10 days of receipt. By signing up for the program any Influencers who receive PR Boxes agree to these terms.

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