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Heaven Cash Rewards & Referrals

Limited Time Triple Heaven Cash

How to Log In, Sign Up, and Earn Heaven Cash

Please join our free VIP Rewards Program to earn Heaven Cash which can be redeemed for free products:

•Click the pink "Present/ Gift" button on the bottom left of any page to sign up and to see the benefits of our rewards program, and how to earn rewards. 

•In order to create a Heaven Cash VIP account, you need to "login" and create an account with your email. The "login" button is on the top right of any page if you are using a computer.  If you are using your phone, click the 3 horizontal lines in the top right that are next to the shopping cart image.  Then, the "login" on the top left of the pop-up menu.

Next tap "sign up with email," put in the email you are using, and a password, and then click "sign up". That is what you will use to log in on the 3 parallel white lines every time you come to the website. By logging in, you will be able to create a "wishlist" make a "back in stock notification request" and more, all from a drop down menu right at the log in section. Plus, your Heaven Cash Points will accumulate automatically with each purchase.

•You earn points for purchases, referring friends, following us on instagram, liking our facebook page and even your birthday.  Those points can then be redeemed for Heaven Cash to be used toward future purchases.  Make sure to "login" before every purchase to get your points. See "Ways to Earn" to take advantage of all the ways to earn.

How Heaven Cash Points are Calculated and Earned

We are excited to announce that due to popular demand, we have extended our "Triple Points" promotion on our Heaven Cash Referral and Rewards Program through the end of 2022.  This means we are offering TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS! We are increasing the value of rewards that VIP members can earn for the following activities:

• Liking our Color Crush Nails Facebook VIP Page = 30 points

• Joining and Sharing Our Color Crush Nails Facebook VIP Group (Different than the FB Page)= 30 points

• Following us on Instagram at @colorcrushnails = 30 points

• Celebrating your birthday = 150 points (birthdays must be entered into the system 30 days prior to the date to earn points for the year, we do not give point for past birthdays. Don't worry, You will get your points next year if you sign up after your birthday.

• Purchases are NOW 3 POINTS for every $1 spent! That's TRIPLE POINTS!

How to Check How Much Heaven Cash You Have Available

First you must "login". The "login" button is on the top right of any page if you are using a computer. From our mobile site, go to the top right corner of any page, look for the 3 parallel white lines and then click them. Then, at the very top tap "login." Login with the email you used to sign up, and the same one you use for purchases.

•When you want to see how many rewards points you have, or you want to use your Heaven Cash, after you have logged in, go to the present icon in the bottom left of any screen. When you click on the present you will be able to see how many Heaven Cash points you have. (You can also redeem your points there.) See section below on How to Redeem Heaven Cash Points. 

Heaven Cash Reward Redemption

• Heaven Cash can be spent on any items in our store.

• Heaven Cash Reward Redemptions cannot be combined with any other coupon codes.

•Heaven Cash may be used toward any purchase of $25.00 or more.  You can redeem Heaven Cash Points for Heaven Cash in any amount from $5 to $20.00. 

•You can choose between 3 redemptions: $5 off a $25 purchase, $10 off a $50 purchase, $20 off a $100.00 purchase or $40 off a $200.000 purchase, depending on how many points you redeem.

•You will be emailed a coupon code upon redemption, and depending upon which coupon you purchased, you can use this toward your purchase of either $5 off $25.00 or more, $10.00 off $50.00 or more or $20.00 off $100.00 or $40 off a $200.000 purchase or more.

•The code you are emailed will need to be entered into the "promo code" section of our website when you make your purchase in order to redeem your Heaven Cash.

• We still offer FREE SHIPPING at $30.00 or more.

•For specific steps on how to "login" and set up your account, above.


For a Limited Time We have Doubled Our

Refer a Friend Referral Coupon Rewards

Give $10 Get $10 Referral Heaven Cash Points

• Referring a Friend = $10 off any $40 purchase for both you and your friend!  You send your friend a link to our site with a coupon for $510 off.  When they use the coupon, you get an email with a coupon code. You then get $10 off any purchase of $40 or more. This will also allow you and your friend to get free shipping in the US because the total after the coupon will be $30.

•Find your unique code referral code to send your friends by logging in in the top right corner of any page (see how to login above) and

•Then click the present/ gift box in the bottom left corner of any page. 

•Then select "Refer Your Friends" and scroll to "Refer a Friend Code".

•You can either share the code with the share button, or you can copy and paste it to any message or website/ i.e. you Instagram or your Facebook page.

•For a graphic on how to do this, please see below.

Heaven Cash Expiration

• Heaven Cash Points and Heaven Cash Rewards do have expiration periods, so make sure to check your account and use your Heaven Cash Points and Heaven Cash BEFORE they expire.  We cannot reissue expired points.

• Heaven Cash Rewards Expire every 6 months (these are points you have converted into Heaven Cash and obtained your promo code for already).

• Heaven Cash Points expire every year.  These are the points in your "bank account" that you have earned and are waiting to be redeemed.

• As a VIP Member you will be receive a newsletter via email about our monthly sales, new releases, special deals for VIP's only, and get to sneak peek our new custom designs.

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