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Download Color Crush Nails Mobile Website

Bonus: By using our App, you will notice the load time for our site is much faster

•Android Phones and Devices Add The Color Crush Nails App Through Google Play:

Click the Link Below, or search Color Crush Nails on the Google Play Store:

Color Crush Nails

•Apple Devices:

Click the Link Below, or search Color Crush Nails on the App Store:

Color Crush Nails

• We have a few small fixes we are making to the App-

-Currently when logging in through the App, you must use your email or Facebook, (Google is not recognized at this time.) If you have a gmail account, select log in under email. 

-If you want to shop for items over time, you need to log in, and then add them to your Wishlist (not your cart), unless you plan to check out right away, because when you go out of the App, the items will NOT still be in the cart when using the App. Make sure you save them to the Wishlist. If you like to save them to your cart and come back over a period of several sessions, you may want to follow the directions below:

•From your iPhone or iPad go to our website

•On the bottom tool bar, click the up arrow icon (see image below)

•Scroll down through the menu and select "Add to Home Screen"

•You will be adding a shortcut to our full website to your Home Screen

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