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Kittens for Christmas by ©Kayomi Harai Color Crush Artist Collaboration Series

Kittens for Christmas by ©Kayomi Harai Color Crush Artist Collaboration Series


Limted Edition / Exclusive


  • About Our Custom Manis:

    This product is excellent for people looking for unique nail strips that you cannot find elsewhere. These strips are designed by us in California, USA and are exclusive to Color Crush. If you want beautiful, unique nails, these wraps are perfect for you. Our Artist Collaboration Series is designed with art from famous artists around the world. Our Limited Edition Exclusive Designs are wraps that we have either collaborated with other designers on, or we have received permission from other designers to sell their custom designs in our store. The Color Crush Customs are designed by our own designers, if you have any special design requests, we would love to hear them. The Standard size customs are expected to last 7-10 days without a top coat, (we always recommend a top coat) and the Olivia Deluxe and Olivia Premium size customs and the Mega Premium are expected to last 10-14 days without a top coat and fit wide nails (we always recommend using a top coat). The Standard style customs are the ones that come with 16 strips, the Olivia Deluxe Style Customs are the ones that come with 18 strips, Olivia Premium size customs come with 16 strips, and Mega Premium come with 20 strips. Ingredients are listed under each type of wrap below.

  • About Our Olivia Deluxe Manis:

    This is the product that everyone is talking about! These are our top quality nail wraps! They apply like butter and shine like diamonds.  They do not require a top coat after application, but adding a top coat will extend the life of them. The dye colors in these strips is very vivid. This product is excellent for people who who are looking for top quality wraps. They are also great for people who may not have time for a top coat. They are expected to last 10-14 days without a top coat. (We always recommend using a top coat). This sheet is much larger than our standard size and comes with 18 strips. These strips are thinner than our other strips, but not so thin that that are fragile and rip, they are just right.


    Congratulations!  This wrap qualifies for our Buy 4 Get One More FREE Custom & Limited Edition Designs Coupon! Click the link below to find more wraps that qualify. We have over 400 wraps that can be used with this coupon code. Plus the code can be multiplied as many times as you want, just add wraps from the Custom & Limited Edition Section in multiples of 5, ex: 5, 10, 15, etc. Promo Code: FREECUSTOM

  • How to Remove the Backing on Olivia Deluxe Wraps:

    If you are using Olivia Deluxe wraps, they are a little tricky to start peeling, so start in the upper corner closest to the midline, and make a firm "v" shaped crease backward toward the backing. Then, bend it forward and wiggle it slightly. You may want to use tweezers or your finger nail to separate the folded portion of the backing from the wrap. (Folding the corner will not damage the wrap). Check Out this YouTube Video for a visual on How to Remove the Olivia Deluxe Backing. 

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