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"Everything You Need" Starter Tool & Template Kit 20% OFF SALE!

"Everything You Need" Starter Tool & Template Kit 20% OFF SALE!

$14.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price

This "Everything You Need" Starter Tool & Template Kit includes:

1 Standard Manicure Resizing Template - Customize your nail strip to fit whatever size is perfect for you!

1 Pair of Cuticle Scissors - Trim your strip to the perfect size by cutting along the line you drew when using the Resizing Template and then prepare your cuticles for your new manicure! 

1 Glass Nail File - File your nails to the perfect shape before you apply the nail strips!

1 Wooden Cuticle Pusher - Push back your cuticles to make sure your new manicure lasts longer!

1 Emery Board Nail File - After applying the strip to your nails, use this heavy duty nail file to quickly shave off the excess portion of the strip at the tip of your nail!

1 Mini Bag Sealer (Batteries not included) - Reseal the leftover / unused portions of the Color Crush nail strip from your manicure so that you can use them later!


Please note that the colors of the Glass Nail File and the Mini Bag Sealer are Random. You cannot choose the colors.


Watch our Video on how to use the items here:


This item MUST be sent with tracked shipping option to international customers

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