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Artist Collaboration Series

Our Color Crush Artist Collaboration Series consists of a variety of copyrighted art from famous artists around the world. We have a variety of different artists to appeal to everyone's different tastes and styles. These strips are all designed on our highest quality Olivia Deluxe 18 strip nail wraps. They apply like butter and shine like diamonds.  They do not require a top coat after application, but adding a top coat will extend the life of them. The dye colors in these strips is very vivid. This product is excellent for people who who are looking for top quality wraps. They are also great for people who may not have time for a top coat. They are expected to last 10-14 days without a top coat. (We always recommend using a top coat). These strips are thinner than our other strips, but not so thin that that are fragile and rip, they are just right.

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