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Tips & Tricks

First, we always suggest that you watch our YouTube video "How to Apply the Perfect Color Crush Mani"

Here are some important tips to remember:

1- Make sure your cuticles are pushed back. This will give you a good surface to apply your strips to. Do NOT use cuticle oil on your nails before or immediately after use. Do not use any lotions or creams either. If you use a cuticle remover make sure you wash your hands well. We use dish soap to remove the grease from our nails.
2- Clean your nails with either an alcohol wipe or alcohol on a cotton ball. You want your nails to be very dry. 
3- Make sure the strips you choose are a tiny bit smaller than your nail, you do not want it to touch the cuticle, or the skin in any way. Your cuticle expands and shrinks with water. So, it causes lifting on the back of the strips if they are in contact with the cuticle. If your strips lift, it is because the size being applied is too big and/or they are too close to the cuticle. Put the strips a little bit past the cuticle area, making sure they do not touch the cuticle.
4- File the tips at a slight (45 degree) angle so that they don’t lift at the tips. 
5- Press the wraps hard and rub them with the heat of your hand to get adhesive to adhere. 
6- APPLY AT NIGHT OR END OF DAY! DO NOT submerge hands in water for approximately 6-8 hours after you put them on, (no shower, bath or dishwashing) the adhesive needs time to set. The best is to put them on after dinner or before bed.
7- Put a clear coat of polish or gel over them. TIP: DO NOT let the gel or clear polish get on your skin, if it does, and you get your skin wet, it will expand and shrink and the strips will pop off with the gel. This will make the gel pop off, pulling the strip with it. So, put the gel a bit away from your skin too.

Pedicure Tips & Tricks

1- To avoid having to file your toe nails, cut the strips down to the approximate length of your toenail, leaving them a little bit longer. 
2- Next apply them same way you do to your fingernails
3- Rather than file them, use a toenail clippers to clip your toenails with the strips on them, then you will not have to file them! It saves time and you will not have to file at an awkward angle. 
4- Continue with a clear coat of polish over them.

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